Keeping with the guidelines from the CBSE, the implementation of the Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation aims at holistic assessment of the student. This encourages the use of internal assessment to evaluate the learner’s growth and reduces the emphasis on external examinations. Hence the achievements of students in academic and non academic areas will be consistently recorded and reflected in the report book. As a result, excellence in diverse areas will be recognized and rewarded. The academic work of every child will hereby be assessed though formative and summative assessments, the unit tests being a compulsory component of each formative assessment.

There will be two terms in all classes, the first term will be from April – September and the second term October – March of the subsequent year. Each term will have two formative and one summative assessment which will be indicated in grades.

Formative Assessments would include class work/ homework oral exercise, quizzes lifehack projects (Group / individual) assignments/ tests, experiment and conversation/ interviews.

The CCE envisages leaning in areas other than academic and ensures that every child acquires life skills, correct attitude and values, participate actively in co-curricular activities and is conscious and concerned about his / her health and physical fitness. The assessment of the co-scholastic areas will also find a place in the report book, this providing a holistic profile of the development over a span of learning time of every child.

  • The pattern of Evaluation from class I-VIII in Scholastic Area will consist of 2 terms examination. (Term – I & II) and each will have two formative and one Summative Assessment.
  • All Assessment will be indicated in Grads.

The scheme of evaluation is proposed as follows

Type of Assessment Percentage Of FA/ SA In Academic Session Month Term-wise Weight age
First Term
Formative Assessment I 10% April – May FA I+II = 20%
Formative Assessment II 10% July – August
Summative Assessment I 20% September SA – I = 20
Second Term
Formative Assessment III 10% October – November FA III+IV = 20%
Formative Assessment IV 10% January – February
Summative Assessment II 20% March SA – II = 20
Total Formative Test- FA I + FA II + FA III + FA IV = 40%
Summative Assessment- SA I + SA II = 60%

Classes I-V

Grade Status Percentage
A* Outstanding 90% – 100%
A Excellent 75% – 89%
B Very Good 56% – 75%
C Good 35% – 55%
D Scope for improvement Below 35%

Classes I-V

Grade Percentage Grade Point
A1 90 and above 10.0
A2 81 – 90 9.0
B1 71 – 80 8.0
B2 61 – 70 7.0
C1 51 – 60 6.0
C2 41 – 50 5.0
D1 33 – 40 4.0
E1 21 – 32 3.0
E2 00 – 20 2.0